Straight, no chaser

  • Brick house. Adelaide, Australia.
  • Car roof puddle. Paris.
  • Decaying angel. Novi Sad, Serbia.
  • Disabled violin. Prague .
  • Discarded door. Bulgaria.
  • Dreaming of Venice. Foligandros, Greece.
  • Gaudi apartments with jeans. Barcelona.
  • Nine Davids. Los Angeles.
  • My studio. California.
  • Ljubljanica River Canal reflections. Ljublana, Slovenia.
  • Samsung scrim. Rome.
  • Satelite roofs. Chaouen, Morocco.
  • The complete history of Spain.
  • Theater couple. Dunedin New Zealand .

Straight, no chaser.

These images simply told me to take them. They are unreasonable. They found me. I had nothing to do with the process. Perhaps that is why they have endured.