Seeing Red

Some Red, not much.

  • 10-A Little Red-Olantaytombo, Peru.jpg
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  • 7-A Little Red-Indonesia.jpg
  • 6-A Little Red-Patan, Nepal.jpg
  • 1-A Little Red-Otusco, Peru.jpg
  • 2-A Little Red-Peterborourgh, NH.jpg
  • comunist flag lima.jpg
  • cross-car roof 7.5-Edit.jpg
  • hearts church wall trastevere copy.jpg
  • red star flag Fez 98.jpg
  • Lenin house rome 72.jpg
  • ship yard paint windo .jpg
  • lips poster metro paris 02-Edit.jpg
  • one flower balcon gtbrg S 9-Edit.jpg
  • red car palms hawaii 08.jpg

Seeing Red.

Contrast is the only thing that allows us to discern, to differentiate one thing from another. Something bright surrounded by more neutrals naturally focuses anyone's attention. Perhaps mine more than others. Maybe I just have an affinity for red.